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The Pastoral Development Programme has been designed and written by experienced practitioners in the field of mental health and education.

Learners can chose their own flexible pathway through the online modules and choose whether to pursue accreditation at one of the three qualification levels.

Schools putting multiple staff members through the programme and encouraging a whole school approach to mental wellbeing will be eligible for our accredited Therapeutic School status, a nationally recognised award.

Each module is accredited to be 10 hours of CPD.

The Pastoral Development Programme

In this module you will learn how to connect and
work with young people therapeutically. You will
gain an understanding of Rogerian principles, get to
grips with Psychodynamic approaches and be able
to confidently run mentor sessions that have real
therapeutic impact.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the most
common mental health disorders and how to best
support your pupils in their recovery. Get to grips
with basic neurobiology and understand how best
to support the young people in your care.

By Studying Transactional Analysis you will be
learning a fascinating approach to behaviour and
personality, helping you resolve conflict, understand
need driven behaviour and work more effectively
with young people and colleagues.

By learning Development Psychology, you are
gaining a deep understanding of what creates our
personality, our ways of thinking and our emotional
landscape. After this course you will have a secure
grounding in developmental approaches including
attachment and neurobiology, helping you apply
this understanding to your work with children and
young people.

Anxiety is one of the key issues facing children and
young people. Our module looks at the full
spectrum of anxiety, its causal factors, its
presentations and teaches you effective
intervention techniques that mean you can
effectively support pupils both within school and at
home ( Persistent Absentees).

In this module we take you through the impact of
early trauma, the implications for attachment and
development and provide practical intervention and
support strategies. This course is designed for
those working with young people who have
experienced adoption, looked after systems, or
have lived through adverse life experiences.

In this module you will learn how to recognise the
signs of trauma, understand the impact of
developmental and acute trauma on both brain and
body and be able to confidently run support
packages for young people and staff.

Gain an in depth understanding into the process of
grief, understand how loss affects both brain and
body and be able to confidently offer interventions
and support to young people and colleagues.

In this module we use Transactional Analysis
approaches to understand the thinking patterns
behind self esteem issues with children and young
people. We equip you with knowledge and
intervention strategies to positively raise self
esteem and help understand and challenge
behaviours that are driven by low self esteem.
( Previous TA module advised)

Transactional Analysis and Integrative
Psychotherapy combine in this module, helping
you analyse, understand, challenge and support
complex behaviours both within the classroom and

Gain an in depth understanding of Autistic
Spectrum condition and associated disorders,
gaining strategies and interventions methods
increasing your ability to support students and
young people with ASC

Self harm and suicide ideation can be a challenging
area for schools to work with. Learn the causal
factors, insights from latest research and how to
manage risk whilst supporting young people with
complex difficulties.

Learn how to take your previous Transactional
Analysis training to a new level, using it to create
whole school support packages and interventions.
Supporting behaviour and wellbeing at both the
acute and the early intervention stage.

Building upon your existing knowledge and skill set
with anxiety, we draw from Integrative
psychotherapy and create intervention packages
and strategies that support pupils experiencing
acute anxiety and distress.

Learn the theories and skills to help young people
harness their own resources, facilitating change
and progress towards better mental health and
wellbeing. Create solution focused brief intervention
programmes that are time limited and impactful.

We believe that the most powerful resource in
working with children and young people is you.
Looking after our wellbeing goes well beyond the
superficial ideas of self care we are taught, take this
module to learn the science behind wellbeing,
increase your own understanding and resilience
and develop strengths in supporting the wellbeing
of colleagues.

In this module we will teach you the science and
application of stress reducing, theoretical
applications such as acceptance and commitment
therapy and mindfulness. Learn the theories, gain
the understanding and be able to confidently
include the techniques into your practice with
children and young people.

Each module is delivered at the learners pace, online and features a full suite of interactive training methods. Learners can go at their own pace in their allotted CPD time. There are assessment points throughout the programme to ensure understanding. Support is always on hand should learners need additional help with either the learning content or technical support.

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